Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tannhäuser Tuesday - The Bat Man Pt 1

It's Batman week on your favorite Tannhäuser blogs. Miah and I are both doing our takes on the Dark Knight Detective. Miah did some beautiful work on the Bruce Wayne card and tokens shown here, but he wanted to go a different direction with the character, so he's making his own. Why two versions? Why not?

Seriously, there have been many versions of Batman. My interpretation is based on the idea that The Bat Man does not kill. That is what separates him from the evil in the world. The Bat Man's  Special Object Token is Code Against Killing.

I chose this figure of Batman because it is period looking and he is just plain bad-ass. There are many Batman Heroclix figures, so there may be one that you like better. This is the Batman Dark Knight #223 Unique Le WWLA Con Exclusive Heroclix. Troll and Toad via Amazon has it for less than 4 bucks shipped. He was rebased.
I think Miah's will be more... lethal. Look for it here.


That's it for today. The Full-Page Character sheet will come next week with the descriptions of all the tokens.

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