Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tannhäuser Tuesday - ... It Pours

I really think Miah has outdone himself here. The graphics are by Miah and me, the rules are by Miah and me, but except for a few comments and bits of graphics, the character card is all Miah. I'm really happy with how Doc is shaping up. He will get more tokens as his comrades in arms shape up. That may be awhile. 

Doc started off as two HeroClix figures - head and torso from Doc Samson and the legs from the lowly Criminal. I cut them both clean at the base, filed down Doc Samson's hair and carved around his waist to narrow it. Then I primered Samson's bright red jacket and painted Doc's skin. 
Then I took some lead foil from a wine bottle and ripped it into tiny strips for Doc's ripped shirt. I glued these on and primered them and then painted them and the shirt dark brown. I also painted the pants.           
 Here is Doc Savage today. This is over 2 years from the start - I guess I need to finish! All he needs is some highlights and a matte finish. Then I can rebase him. There are figure painting services if you don't want to paint him yourself.
Next up is a certain College Professor I started on at the same time as Doc. In the meantime Reaper minis have released this adventurer figure named, Chronoscope 50122 P. B. Pugh, Pulp Hero... He would make a good Doc Savage. Pulp Figures makes a nice set of adventurers, too, but their figures are a bit small, and Doc is supposed to be approaching 7 feet tall...


=+=SuperflyTNT=+= said...

That's one hell of a kitbash job, Pete. Great stuff, and the more of these you put out, the more I wish I'd have gotten into Tannhauser when I could've.

Pete Miller said...

Thanks, Pete!