Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tannhäuser Tuesday - News and BPRD Field Agent Two

HOT NEWS - New official Fantasy Flight Releases keep on coming. The new releases - Wolf reissued and the Hoax single figure pack should be in stores NOW. I will do a news report next week if I can get my hands on those figure. The Daedalus Map pack should be for sale by next week, and the Asteros the Minotaur figure pack is listed as being on the truck - so that should be in stores within a few weeks.

Daedalus Rules Online Now!

The Daedalus rules have been (partially) posted byFFG - here are a few highlights...

Finally, the last two TOY designed pieces that we know of, Hoss Harbinger and Oksana are at the Factory now. Let's get back to our regularly scheduled feature...

Field Agent Two of the B.P.R.D.

Arkham Horror Investigator Mike McGlen

A fierce battle between the BPRD Field Agents, the Matriarchy, the Union and the Reich

I feel U-Chronic!

Thanks again to Miah for the tokens. Unless I hear howls of protest this will be the last character sheet on this particular template. I will be switching to the single page one developed with/by Miah for future characters.


Anonymous said...

Looks good,

Looking forward to doing some work on the single page style rule sheets.

Rhydderch said...

What a coincidence... my Psychometry ability for Abe Sapien (a combination of his comic and movie versions) is very similar to your intuition, though I opted to make it a little more limited:

Once per activation, you may secretly examine the contents of an adjacent crate as if you were searching a crate without spending an action. However, you must return the token to the game board after you examine it.

I think Miah mentioned that the Thompson M1 is one of the weapons in the Hoax pack and adds a die to the attack roll, so that might need to be updated.

Finally, looking at some of your older customs a little more closely, I noticed that Roger's 7 base Stamina along with the BR-66 gives a Stamina of 9, which can then be boosted to 10 with a Command Point. Along with the ability to Shake Off a wound for another Command Point, that combination seems rather powerful, especially against the Reich which has few options to do more than 4 damage with a single attack. How has Roger played for you in your games?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Doc should just delete the M1 nomeclature, as an M1 cannot use a drum magazine.

Anonymous said...

nevermind Doc has it listed as a M1928A1, which is very different, so I don't think a change is neccessary.