Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tannhäuser Tuesday - Indiana Jones Complete

Normally, I like to use prepainted minis for my custom characters, but sometimes I make exceptions. Doc Savage, for instance. And today's subject, Indiana Jones. What needs to be said about the most popular pulp and movie serial based character for today's audiences. If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones. Or so the trailer for Temple of Doom said.

Unfortunately, there are no Indiana Jones Heroclix. Thankfully Reaper Miniatures makes a line of figures called, Chronoscope. One of the first figures in that line was Jack Harrison. He comes with multiple arms and heads and fills the bill.

However, Jack/Indy must be painted. This would take a normal minis painter 3 or 4 sessions to finish. Me, over 2 years. There was a long break in there, though. I have made two of them; one with the whip and one with a machete. 

I will probably base one for Tannhäuser and one for Heroscape. These are almost done, they just need a few finishing touches and their bases fixed up.

Indiana Jones Tannhäuser Character Sheet
Indiana Jones Tannhäuser Reference Page
Indiana Jones Tannhäuser Tokens

I think Miah did a great job on the graphics for this set. Visit his blog.


Anonymous said...

Oops I messed up the token sheet, there are two "whip" tokens, I'll be sendig you a corrected one.

Pete Miller said...

The token sheet has been replaced.

Unknown said...

can i order an indiana jones from you? will it have the tokens and sheet?

Pete Miller said...

John - You just have to print this out to use it. I certainly cannot sell it.

Giorgio said...

Great! I wont see Sherlock Holmes!!!
It's possible?
Sorry for my little english...i'm italian.

Pete Miller said...

Thanks for reading, Giorgio. Sadly, I know nothing of Holmes lore and would not be able to make an accurate character for him.

Additionally, by 1949, he would be quite old...

Giorgio said...

Thank's for your answer Peter!
Your Indiana Jones and Hellboy are for me the best for Tannhauser..
Thanks very much!